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Abigail Hartmann Associates

1.    Qualified professional appraisers - tested members of the Appraisers Association of America (AAA) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA); tested followers of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice ( USPAP) - government standards and ethics guidelines

2.    Objective Reports - independent appraisal firm; not affiliated with any gallery, auction, museum, or retail establishment

3.    Staff Specialists - fine art (painting, drawing, sculpture, prints, art ceramics, photography), decorative art (furniture, silver, porcelain, rugs, crafts), jewelry, miscellaneous (Judaica, books, collectibles, wine, toys)

4.    Scholarship and price accuracy - research library includes more than 10,000 volumes; computer and on-line services including Invaluable, ArtNet, ArtPrice, ArtInfo, AskArt, Wine Spectator; proprietary database of retail offerings 

5.    Technologically updated - in tune with the technological advances in the industry maintaining / updating our software, security, file retention systems

6.    Photo - Documentation - typically each article has a full written description and a photograph (essential for an insurance claim; following IRS requirements)

7.    Professional advice - appraisers will identify and recommend conservation and restoration procedures when requested/required

8.    Nationwide references - major insurance companies, law firms, corporations, museums, galleries, auction houses, and individuals (names of our client are protected under the Gramm Leach Bliley Privacy Act)

9.    Personalized advice - the head of the appraisal firm is involved on every appraisal at the time of the appraisal and in the future; our relationship continues beyond the appraisal

10.    Reasonable fee structure - estimates available from one item to multiple estates and locations; we offer many types of discounts (non-profit, past client, artist, professional courtesy) 


Reasons to get a qualified appaisal
  1. To organize your collection: inventory, document, and photograph

  2. To identify and recommend conservation and restoration procedures to prevent, arrest, and minimize damage to artwork

  3. To have an unbiased second opinion regarding authenticity and market values

  4. To keep abreast of the current market value of individual pieces

  5. To save money on insurance premiums (appraised fine art items are insured at a lower rate and are not subject to the deductible)

  6. To substantiate an after-the-fact damage/loss in an insurance claim

  7. To assist in planning your estate (e.g. disposition, tax implications, charitable contributions)

  8. To reduce taxes (charitable contributions)

  9. To assist in equivocal distribution in the event of divorce or business dissolution

  10. To have a disinterested party assist in resale

Appraising Jewelry
  1. They utilize the current legal guidelines for correct disclosures in legal documents and statements

  2. They have extensive knowledge of jewelry through a degree and/or certification in the gem sciences

  3. Form a qualitative opinion on the level fineness, purity, and nature of origin in the subject at hand

  4. Geologists utilize specialized, technologically advanced equipment such as mass spectrometers, and other proprietary optical equipment

  5. They have experience in identifying the production methods of the jewelry which can greatly affect the value

  6. They keep up to date in what the luxury and fashion market indicates as trendy and rare

  7. Appraisers utilize advanced physics and chemistry in order to effectively identify treatments, synthetics, and nature of origin

  8. They create accurate evaluations based off of the current variables and principals of “supply and demand” throughout the world

  9. They belong to groups commitment to the gem and jewelry industry. GIA Alumni Association, The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, American Society of Appraisers and several others recognized in the U.S. as well as around the world

  10. Their valuations are accurate, detailed, unbiased


415 Central Park West 5th floor, New York, NY 10025, USA


Hudson Valley, NY

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