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New York Art Collectors Guild to Divorce

By Dror Bikel

September 2018

Expert tips for art owners, collectors, and gallerists


Abigail Hartmann Associates is mentioned as a qualified art appraisal firm that business valuation experts would typically subcontract out to. Abigail Hartman is listed with two other top New York art appraisers Winston Art Group, and Gurr Johns. 



Guild Link

Wall Street Journal 

By Anne Tergesen

April 13, 2018 

Retiring Soon? Here’s How to Handle Your Collectibles


Gayle Skluzacek of Abigail Hartmann Associates is quoted numerous times in the article giving advice on how to collect articles, the current state of the antiques market, and recommendations of online resources to become educated in the value of your collectibles.

New York Times

By Ann Carrns

October 18, 2011

The Specialized Art of Appraisal 

Contributing information on how to identify a true expert in the appraisal field, Gayle Skluzacek is quoted via email in the article. Only a true professional knows "what questions to ask when discrepancies appear".

Antique Trader

By Alan M. Petrillo

January 13, 2010

Dealers turning to appraisals as income source

Gayle Skluzacek and Abigail Hartman Associates is mentioned in the article. Mrs. Skluzacek an instructor of the Uniform Standards of Professial Practice gives information on her course and the antique dealers becoming appraisers. 

New York Spaces

By Jenna Kennedy

Vol 5/ #5 November 2006

Corkscrews that pop 

This article delves into the art of collecting antique corkscrews, history of the practice and past auction sales. Gayle Skluzacek president of Abigail Hartman Associates gives information on the antique cork screw market. 


By Michelle Falkenstein

March 1st, 2004

The Case of the Escaped Spirit

Gayle Skluzacek president of Abigail Hartmann Asssociates is quoted recalling an appraisal of a damaged 19th century British landscape painting. In this article leading appraisers, art dealers, and insurance claim adjusters explain the many ways artworks have been damaged in the past.  


By Michelle Slatalla

February, 2002

Antiques Web Show

This article explores the online appraisal options for an art deco pin. Gayle Skluzacek who at the time was president of the non profit Appraisers Association of America highlights the importance of receiving a qualified appraisal offline. 

Martha Stewart LIVING

By Anne Krueger

October 2001

The value of an appraisal

The article consults Gayle Skluzacek, adjunct professor in the Appraisal Studies Program of New York University, who gives information on the appraisal process and how to select an appraiser. 

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