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Formal Appraisal

1.  Initial Contact 

We begin with a conversation, usually on the telephone, to establish your needs.  We then determine the scope of work such as location and estimated number of items. We gather additional documentation such as previous appraisal's, restorations, or authentications

2.  Proposal of Work

We asses all information and email a proposal for services, including an estimated cost and time of completion.

3.  Site Visit

Next we arrange a site visit on a convenient date. We request that all paperwork and information on the objects be available while we examine and photograph items. We take copious notes on condition, dimensions, and characteristics. Once we have all the information  we put together a contract to solidify the assignment.

4.  Research

We transcribe notes and conduct all research in the office of Abigail Hartmann Associates. Time is well spent --verifying dates, investigating markets, and sourcing comparable items. We utilize online resources as well as our 10,000+ library of books and auction catalogs.

3.  Final Report 

We create a well organized document including a detailed description of the item(s) being appraised, comparative sales and market data, photographs, and the final valuation and (in the appropriate situation) supporting documentation. We securely send the appraisal to the intended users.

Digital Appraisal 

When an item is unavailable for the appraiser to examine, the work may be appraised through digital images with corresponding information regarding title, medium, dimensions, condition, and exhibition history.  This method is not ideal, but acceptable.  The appraiser will disclose in her report that the item was not personally examined and will indicate that information was made available through the client (or other source).

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